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Metal Art Work

At Bayside Metal Technologies, Inc., we take pride in producing metal art work with care for quality. Our metal art work is designed with our customers to ensure that they get a product they love and will enjoy for years. We create all types of metal art work out of all kinds of metal; steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, copper and more. The custom metal art projects that we build are from sheet metal, metal pipe or extrusion metal. Every piece is cut, pounded and ground right here, so we can proudly say Made in the USA.

While most of our work is custom made, we have produced all types of products. From LED light boxes and custom metal art signs to flat & sculptured wall art, decorations, vanity plates, front end grilles (for cars, trucks & golf carts), wind screens for motorcycles & boats, metal garden art & clothing accessories.

We make LED lit, metal art work light boxes, that make excellent metal art signs for businesses. These are one of a kind signs that are unique, attractive and energy efficient. We have also installed LED lights in custom car & truck grilles.

We can create custom aluminum balcony railing and screened porch inserts that incorporate a scene in the design to match your decor. These scenic inserts can be added to fencing and gates for extra décor.

We take metal art to a new level with displays and themes that are stunning. Most folks could never imagine an entire wall of their house decorated with metal wall art pieces put together to create a mural.  When you see a complete wall of metal art work assembled into a reef scene complete with coral, crabs, mermaids, sea turtles, manatees and lionfish, your eyes will behold a feast!  We don’t like to call it metal art work, we prefer metal art ‘play’.  We love what we do at Bayside Metal Technologies, and everything we do is geared toward getting clients a product they are pleased with and will last for years.


Although Bob has retired from the construction business, there have been some who know of his work and have begged him into coming out of retirement. There are circumstances and requests that will be taken into consideration if you would like Bob to do your next metal construction project.

  • PEMB (Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings)
  • Metal Roofs
  • Specialty Projects
  • Leaks – Inspection and Repair
  • Metal Building Repair – including additional openings with framework installed in existing buildings.
  • Gutter
  • Roof Curbs
  • Railings
  • Welding

Metal Art in Construction

  • Decorative and Scenic Railings
  • Decorative Metal Additions to property containment walls and fences
  • Gates

Architectural and Interior Design additions of Metal Décor and Furniture.

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