About Us

Producers of Custom Metal Art and Products

As a leading provider of Custom Metal Art and functional metal products we take pride in offering the best and most efficient means to get your products to you.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.  Our team of individuals that are employed at Bayside Metal are at the top of their field in getting our customers exactly what they want or need when it comes to custom metal art work, metal fabrication or any metal products your mind can dream up.  Metal is our middle name because that’s what we do and have been doing for 25 plus years; we cover all the bases. The reaction of people and the expression on their faces when the product and custom metal art work comes together is magical. To bring someone else’s custom metal art ideas to fruition is challenging and making sure they get what they desire is sometimes instinct.   Most folks know what they want – it’s just bringing them to a point where they can see it, so that it’s not just a dream anymore, it becomes a reality, is what makes this job rewarding.


Bobby Bellino

As a child Bobby LOVED drawing, painting and building things with his hands and now that he’s older LOVES it even more.  His dad was a walking, talking library when it came to the “how to” of building things with his hands, an expert craftsman indeed.  He is glad he hung around with his dad who taught him about quality, he repeatedly said “that’s what people like in a finished product, especially custom creations”.  Bobby still carries these ideals with him today, saying “that’s what really pays off and it’s GOOD for the Soul too!” Bobby began his career as a steel worker building all types of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, installation of structural steel and metal roofs. He propelled quickly into management positions where he was in charge of the complete installation of all metal components on many projects. Born with a vision for the finished product and an artistic eye, helped in the construction of the project, which he later put to work in creating custom metal art work.

Peggy Bellino; BS, Construction Management

Peggy began her career in a manufacturing environment, working with CAE/CAD/CAM/CNC to create and manufacture various products, such as; large motors and generators, radar pedestals and all phases of recreational powerboats. The majority of her experience was creating assemblies and parts on the computer (CAD).  Then seeing the process through CNC for creating parts from the computer, to be assembled into final products for production. With her husband Bobby, they began a successful construction business specializing in the installation of (PEMB) Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, which was Bobby’s expertise. Peggy ran the office while Bobby ran the field work. During the downturn in construction they decided to retire from construction, invest in something that could bring both of their business experiences, talents and expertise together into one business.  They then purchased a CNC plasma cutter to create, assemble and manufacture all types of metal products.  

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